Once in a while, you come across a musician that's really doing his own thing. I mean, really, he is creating his very own style. Someone's who's taste in music is so broad and his influences or so diverse, that there is no limit to his creativity. Meet Devin Lane, and one of his projects, Gentle Return. His debut album, South, was one I had been patiently waiting for. That's the fun thing about knowing the musicians- you become emotionally invested in their process and progress. You see them develop their sound and experiment with it. 

With rhythm and gentle electric licks stimulating your senses and inviting your fingertips to engage in a little closed-eyed dance, the songs bring you on a psychedelic journey through Devin's lyrics about travel, letting go, toxic relationships, and, well... just being a human being with emotions and struggles. There a few songs that will bring you to a country far away and the sounds that bustled about, which is a lovely journey in and of itself- but I'm a sucker for travel so maybe that's why. While I lived in SF