Maya was born in Fukuoka, Japan, where she started her musical career and built a great reputation as a vocalist. In 2014, she decided to pursue her passion for music in San Francisco. Wanting to write and perform her own music, she taught herself how to play the guitar, and proceeded to become an irresistible musician. Though I cannot say much about her popularity in Japan, she has enchanted everyone in the SF local music and musician circle. 


Summer Ashes

Summer Ashes was one of the first songs I heard Maya sing. I first met and heard her at the Village Market, where she played an acoustic set. Her voice and guitar carried through the room like a warm breeze. The song simply urged me to close my eyes and feel every note in the air as it reaches me. I was hooked. I must have heard it about a hundred times by now, and it still gives me shivers every single time. Gänsehautmusik, for sure.

Winter Sorrows:

Much like a cold winter night, this song leaves you feeling a chill to your bones. It feels very heavy and personal, and it leaves you wondering how this wind will turn the page for Maya, and if it will do the same for your winter sorrows. The song is ominous, and the instruments and sound convey a heavy yet optimistic message. I can almost imagine a fierce miss Hall walking on a snow covered sidewalk, with a big warm scarf, hands tucked in her jacket pockets, taking clam but firm steps, starring ahead with a blank look on her face, telling her winter sorrows to go piss off while she moves on. Through this melancholic song, I too become ready for the next blank page. 

To the right, you can listen to her perform this song with Joel Alan Taylor on lead guitar. Performed at 50 Mason Social House, once upon a summer night. Take it away Maya!


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Maya Hall

San Francisco, USA.

The first time you hear Maya Hall play live in a room, in any room, will stay with you forever. No matter the song she chooses to serenade you with, her flawless delivery and graceful presence will leave a long lasting impression on you. Her voice and guitar become one, and for a moment you forget your troubles, as her angelic music lifts you out of the room, takes you on an emotional journey through the skies, just to gently settle you back into your seat. It also typically will not be the last time you see her... You must hear her again. 

She creates an aura and energy that resonates in the room, as everyone hangs onto her every note. The germans have a word for music that gives you goosebumps: they call it Gänsehautmusik. they should call it Die Maya for short. 

She released her debut album, Lines, in February 2016. The album was created with the help of friends and fellow local musicians, Tommy P (11th Avenue Record), Bozho Lasich (PST Studios) and Joel Alan Taylor (One Earthling Records). This album comes through as a colorful, velvety smooth, and bittersweet depiction of Maya's first 2 years in San Francisco, and is a testament to her epic talent. 

This classy, mellow and vibrant album merits a thorough listen, but I have a few favorites on there. 




Sailor is a beautiful and touching song about a love that has come and gone. The analogy and the story telling in this song is very vivid and visual, helping you really imagine the entanglement of this ephemeral love. You sway on a rocky love boat, and end up on a dock, looking out to the disappearing imaginary boat as it sails away, carried away by the winds of time. 

I'm not going to describe my emotions and thoughts on every song, but I hope that this leaves you longing for more. If you want to listen to her album, you can find it on Spotify or buy it on iTunes. Or better yet, you can buy a physical copy from her!