"Her love for nature and her positive vibes spill out of her music.. the energy of Naghmeh and the Southern Shores is contagious … leaves you wanting more."- Fred di Santo, Artist relations @ Godin Guitars.



I'm Naghmeh Shafiei, and I'm an Iranian Canadian singer-songwriter.

The Southern Shores is my lovely band. Current formation includes Don Pinkerton on drums, David Saveliovsky on bass, and Seth Duin on lead guitar. With Don't impeccable timing and rhyme, David's smooth and emotional baselines, Seth's groovy and trippy licks, and my melodramatic, quasi-sarcastic writing about adventures, we make songs that take you through the pages of a heartfelt story which is life. We hope it makes you feel stuff.


And now some more about how I got started...

As a kid, I always loved music, and since the age of 7 my favorite band was Metallica. I grew up in various parts of Iran, and eventually moved to Montreal, where my parents bought me my first guitar. I learned to play Hotel California before I even knew what every word meant. In retrospect, that was probably when I first became fascinated with California. My first draw to the West Coast brought me out to Vancouver, British Columbia. A few years later I moved down to San Francisco, and after a few wonderful years along the coast, I am now back to my roots in Montreal. 

This one day, I was in Vancouver and waiting to meet a friend when it began to pour down, as it does in Vancouver. I took shelter at a guitar store on Granville street. After trying a few guitars, I walked into the acoustic selection room and found this cute Fender Malibu. I just started playing every song I could remember and was totally smitten. 30 minutes later, it was 8:45 pm, the store was closing, so I bought it. Shortly after, I wrote my first song called Outta Ink. I checked out the Bazaar Cafe Open Mic in the Richmond, which if you're ever in SF, make sure to stop by their Thursday open mic or any other night of the week- they have performances there all the time. A little while later, I started checking out the Utah, Neck of the Woods, Abbey Tavern, Ireland 32, International, even hosted my own acoustic open mic at the Village Market which lived on for a glorious summer (2015). The hobby became an addiction, and the addiction is now my passion. I play and write my own music, collaborate with other like-minded musicians, explore the underground scene in every city I go to. I have played gigs in Buenos Aires, El Chalten, San Francisco, Reykavik, Calgary, Kelowna, Montreal, and Berlin. Your city might be next!

I often think and write about love and war, about friends and family, about gratitude and uncertainty. About all and nothing at all. My songs have inherent influences from all the places that have left a mark on my skin and ring a tune in my ears. My favorite band is probably still Metallica, although my taste in music is broad and covers every genre, probably...